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110 Years of Volunteer Fire Service

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Mulvane, Kansas

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About Mulvane Emergency Services

Mulvane Emergency Services (M.E.S.) is divided into two divisions, Mulvane Fire Rescue and Mulvane Emergency Medical Services.  Both groups are staffed by both paid and volunteer members.

Both divisions are lead into action by the Director of Public Safety Chief David Williams.  He is assisted by two Captains.  Capt. Lowell Ester over the Fire Department and Capt. Judi Patterson is over E.M.S. 

Since the late 1960's, M.E.S. also runs a first out unit .  This person is the "Duty Officer".  The Duty Officer responds to all serious calls with both Fire and E.M.S. and often times assumes the roll of Command.   Six Contract Firefighter/ E.M.T.'s fill this position in the evenings and weekends whenever possible to relieve the staff officers.  During the day and when no duty officers are available, this position is filled by the Fire Captain or Fire Lieutenant.

All emergency calls to Mulvane Emergency Services are handled by the City of Mulvane dispatch center.  M.E.S. also receives calls from both Sedgwick County 911 & Sumner County 911.  Mulvane Emergency Services serves both Sedgwick & Sumner counties and responds into Butler & Cowley counties when requested.

 Storm spotting is another function of M.E.S.  Living in Tornado Alley, this a frequent event during the spring and summer months.

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The Fire Department is then divided into three team of 10 members each.  Lieutenant Kyle Gasaway is over "A" Team.  Lieutenant Mike Fells is over "B" Team.   Lieutenant Fred Heersche is over "C" Team.

Lieutenant Jason Mundell is responsible for the Safety and Training.  Working under him is Firefighter Aaron Mattson who is the "Reserve Crew Leader". 

The Resource Team is broken into two groups.  The first group being the Mulvane Fire Reserves.  The Fire Reserves are young adults ages 14 to 18.  The Reserves are allowed to answer most alarms and assist in many aspects of the calls.  They are not however allowed to enter any burning structure or put themselves in any immediate danger. 

The second group is the Resource group.  These are local citizens who wish to volunteer a specific talent without having to run into a burning building.  Resource group members are selected solely by the Chief based on their particular ability.


The E.M.S. division is staffed 24 hrs a day by four Emergency Mobile Intensive Care Technician (Paramedic)  and/or one E.M.T. driver staffing two ALS units.  These positions are paid and a third out truck is then manned by volunteer's, usually E.M.T.'s from the Fire Department.

1982 Photo

(Lt to Rt) E.M.T. Robert Terry, First EMS Director George Larsen, Firefighter Fred Tefft. 

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