Mulvane Emergency Services

 1905                 2015

110 Years of Volunteer Fire Service

ISO Class 3 / 5

Mulvane, Kansas

Current Weather Conditions at the Mulvane Emergency Services

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Mulvane Fire Rescue Personnel

Department Years of Service

Director of Public Safety 2018

Chief Gordon Fell


MFR 2015

The Department!


M.F.R.  "A" Team 2015

(L-R) FF1/EMT Lt. Kyle Gasaway, FF2/EMT Nate Yarnell, FF/EMT Nick Ryan, FF2/EMT Joe McDaniel, FF1 Chris Nolan, FF/EMT Jessica Whitehead & FF1 Jayson Williams.
Not present: FF2/EMT Jim McDaniel.

M.F.R.  "B" Team 2015

(L-R)  FF David Dieker, FF/EMT Darrell Dutcher, FF1 Travis Patterson, FF2/EMT Gary Kunc, FF2/FR Lt. Mike Fells & FF1 Trent Julius. 
Not present: FF1/FR Amy Houston, FF/EMT Megan DeVries & FF/EMT Caleb Hatfield.


M.F.R.  "C" Team 2015

(L-R)  FF Doug Wilson Jr., FF1 Buck Reusser, FF AJ Mattson, FF1 Doug Hatfield, FF2/EMT Lt. Fred Heersche, FF2 PJ Wright & FF2/FR John Andrews.
Not present: FF Stuart McDowell.


M.F.R.  "Resource" Team 2015
Includes Junior Fire Reserves
(L-R) Photographer Garry Brownlee, Reserve Advisor FF2/EMT Aaron Mattson, FF2/AEMT Lt. Jason Mundell, Kyle Andrews, Preston Tatum, Nick Parton & Larissa Ester.
Not present: Henry May.


Staff Officers 2015

(L-R) Lt. Mike Fells, Lt. Kyle Gasaway, Capt. Lowell Ester, Lt. Fred Heersche, Lt. Jason Mundell.



MFR 2011

The Department!


M.F.R.  "A" Team 2011

(L-R) FF Nick Ryan, FF2/EMT Jim McDaniel, FF2/EMT Lt. Fred Heersche, FF2/EMT Aaron Mattson, FF2/EMT Joe McDaniel, FF1 Jayson Williams, FF1 Chris Nolan.


M.F.R.  "B" Team 2011

(L-R)  FF1 Travis Patterson, FF1 Kyle Gasaway, FF2/EMT Gary Kunc, FF1/EMT Jimmy Reed, FF2/EMT Duane McDaniel, FF2/FR Lt. Mike Fells,  FF1/FR Amy Houston.


M.F.R.  "C" Team 2011

(L-R, back to front) FF Stuart McDowell, FF2 PJ Wright,  FF1 Buck Reusser, FF1 Doug Hatfield, FF1 Jon Hicks, FF Dustin Warner.


M.F.R.  "Resource" Team 2011

(L-R) Photographer Garry Brownlee, AJ Mattson, Jacob Reed, Cassandra Walls, Kasey Meeks, Jessica Whitehead, Advisor Steve Kohr, David Burton, Parker Ryan.


Captains & Chief 2011

Capt. Lowell Ester, Capt. Judi Patterson, Chief David Williams.



MFR 2010


M.F.R.  "A" Team 2010

(L-R) FF1 Chris Nolan, FF2/EMT Aaron Mattson, FF1 Jayson Williams, FF2/EMT Jim McDaniel, FF2/EMT Joe McDaniel, FF2/EMT Lt. Fred Heersche.


M.F.R.  "B" Team 2010

(L-R)  FF Trent Julius, FF2/EMT Gary Kunc, FF Kyle Gasaway, FF2/FR Lt. Mike Fells, FF1 Travis Patterson, FF1/EMT Jimmy Reed, FF2/EMT Duane McDaniel.


M.F.R.  "C" Team 2010

(L-R) FF2/MICT Rick Brown, FF Doug Hatfield, FF Buck Reusser, FF2 PJ Wright, FF2/EMT Lt. Bobby Kimble, FF1 Jon Hicks, FF2/FR John Andrews, FF2/MICT Jed Rea, FF Dustin Warner.


M.F.R.  "Resource" Team 2010

(L-R) Ian Patterson, Admin Assist Kim Benson, AJ Mattson, Quinton Foster, FF2/EMT-I Lt. Jason Mundell, Jessica Whitehead, Jacob Reed, Photographer Garry Brownlee.


M.F.R.  Lieutenants & Staff 2010

(L-R) Capt. Lowell Ester, Lt. Bobby Kimble, Lt. Jason Mundell, Lt. Fred Heersche, Lt. Mike Fells, Capt. Judi Patterson, Chief David Williams.


Captains & Chief 2010

(L-R) Capt. Lowell Ester, Capt Judi Patterson, Chief David Williams.



MFR 2009


M.F.R.  "A" Team 2009


M.F.R.  "B" Team 2009


M.F.R.  "C" Team 2009


M.F.R.  "Resource" Team 2009


M.F.R.  Lieutenants 2009


MFR 2007


M.F.R.  "A" Team 2007

FF1 Adam Johnson, FF1 Jayson Williams, FF Mark Townsend, FF2 Jim McDaniel, FF2/EMT Joe McDaniel & Lt. Mike Fells


M.F.R.  "B" Team 2007

FF2/EMT Duane McDaniel, FF1/FR Amy Hoobler, FF1 Travis Patterson, FF1 John Benson, FF1/EMT Jimmy Reed.


M.F.R.  "C" Team 2007

FF Jon Hicks, Lt. Fred Heersche, FF2 PJ Wright, FF2 Kyle Boyd


M.F.R.  "Resource" Team 2007

Garry Brownlee, Trent Julius, Josh Phillips, Adrienne Hillman, Brandon Clark, Lt. Bobby Kimble, Laken Campbell



Staff 2005

(L-R) Lt. Fred Heersche FR/FF-2, Lt. Jason Mundell EMT-I/FF-2, Lt. Mike Fells FR/FF-2, Capt. Lowell Ester EMT/FF-2, Lt. Bobby Kimble EMT/FF-2, Chief Dave Williams.


MFR 2003

(L-R, Back) Capt. Judi Patterson

(L-R, 2nd Row) Pete Welch, Chris Megonigle, Casey Myers, Capt. Lowell Ester, Fred Heersche, Duane McDaniel.

(L-R, 3rd Row) Brian Diller, Lt. Jason Mundell, Jim McDaniel, Lt. Bobby Kimble, Lane Pearman, Aaron Mattson, Rob Young.

(L-R, Front Row) Roger Heflin, Timothy Baca, Justin Pietro, T.J. McDaniel.


M.F.R.  Staff 2003

(L-R, Back) Lt. Jason Mundell FF-1/EMT-I, Lt. Bobby Kimble FF-1/EMT, Capt. Lowell Ester FF/EMT, Lt. Joe McDaniel FF

(L-R, Front) Capt. Judi Patterson FF/EMT


M.F.R.  "A" Team 2003

(L-R, Back) Roger Heflin FF, Pete Welch FF/EMT, Casey Myers FF, Capt. Lowell Ester FF/EMT

(L-R, Front) Lane Pearman Training Officer/FF-1/MICT, Jim McDaniel Public Information Officer/FF-1, Aaron Mattson FF-1/EMT


M.F.R.  "B" Team 2003

(L-R,) Brian Diller FF, Chris Megonigle FF/EMT, Duane McDaniel FF/EMT, Lt. Bobby Kimble FF-1/EMT, Rob Young FF


M.F.R.  "C" Team 2003

(L-R,)  Fred Heersche Fire Prevention Officer/FF, Lt. Joe McDaniel FF


M.F.R.  Resource Team 2003

(L-R,)  Garry Brownlee Photographer, Justin Pietro Reserve FF, Timothy Baca Reserve FF, T.J. McDaniel Reserve FF, Lt. Jason Mundell FF-1/EMT-I

Not available for pictures; Steve Kohr FF-2/EMT, Andy Ralstin FF/EMT, Andrea Pierson FF, Talon Pyeatt FF, John Andrews FF-2, James Mills FF, John Benson FF, Jon Pierson FF, Amy Houston FF, Mike Fells FF-1/FR, Joshua Myers FF, Dave Arthur FF, Julie Kohr Records, Mike Roberson Mechanic, Rocky Jones FF, Summer Guerrero FF-2/EMT, Nick Landis Reserve FF, Justin Pietro Reserve FF.


M.F.R.  Staff 2001

(L-R, Back)  Lt. Lowell Ester FF/EMT, Captain Duane Brill FF-1/EMT, Lt. Joe McDaniel FF

(L-R, Front) Lt. Bobby Kimble FF/EMT, Judi Patterson FF/EMT, Lt. Jason Mundell FF-1/EMT-I


M.F.R.  "A" Team 2001

(L-R)  Jim McDaniel FF-1/ P.I.O., Lt. Lowell Ester FF/EMT, Aaron Matson FF-1/ EMT/ T.O., Roger Heflin FF

(Not Pictured; Andy Ralstin FF/EMT, Pete Welch FF/EMT, & Jon Mills FF/EMT)


M.F.R.  "B" Team 2001

(L-R, Back) John Benson FF, Allen Ralstin FF/EMT, Brian Diller FF

(L-R, Front) Duane McDaniel FF/EMT, Lt. Bobby Kimble FF/EMT, Kelly Shelton FF

(Not Pictured; Steve Kohr FF-1/EMT, Bill Hobbs FF, Lloyd Cox FF/EMICT, Jon Pierson FF)


M.F.R.  "C" Team 2001

(L-R) Richard Darbro FF-1/EMT, Lt. Joe McDaniel FF/EMT, Randy Rhodes FF-1/EMT, Roger Reager FF/EMT

 (Not Pictured; John Andrews FF, Bob Smith FF, John Fleming FF, Kelsey Lankard FF)


M.F.R.  Resource Team 2001

(L-R, Back) Kyle Biggs Reserve FF, Mike McKay Haz-Mat/FF, Chris Megonigle Reserve FF

(L-R, Front) Shanna Smith Reserve FF, Talon Pyeatt Reserve FF, Lt. Jason Mundell FF-1/EMT-I

(Not Pictured; Julie Kohr Records, Garry Brownlee Photographer, Terry Love Chaplin/EMT, Joshua Condon Reserve FF, Megan Kirkman Reserve FF)

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