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Tornado   June 12th, 2004

Tornado Safety Page

National Weather Service Report from 6/12/04


Three homes were completely destroyed.


Red Mustang Mach 1 & another unknown white car.


Unified Command is established at the M.E.S. Training Room.

View from the South.
These three pictures were taken by Lt. Jason Mundell from his home just north of Winfield, some 25 miles south of the Tornado.
View from the West. 
These two pictures were taken from the Belle Plaine Service area on the Kansas Turnpike.

Judging distance is difficult.  The funnel appears to be between the Grain Elevator & the Water Tower in Belle Plaine, 5 miles away.  It was actually just south of Mulvane, 15 miles away.

View from the East.
These photographs were taken by the Pauly family who was watching the storm move east towards them.

M.E.S. initially deployed 2 Brush rigs, 1 Engine company, ALS Ambulance and a Duty Officer for storm spotting and equipment relocation at 1738 hours.
Duty Officer, Capt. Lowell Ester & FF John Benson track the storm and log damage reports as they start coming in.

At 1800 hrs P-405 reports rotating clouds at 119th & Secena, however no visible wall cloud is noted.

This photo was taken of the rotation at 119th & Seneca.  Tree damage was being reported north of Peck at this time.

At 1851 hrs a round hay bale was struck by lightening on south Boxelder Street in Mulvane.  P-409 was able to extinguish the fire quickly.

As the tornado forms at 140th & Oliver Road, it strikes three homes.

At 1912 hrs the Duty Officer reports a tornado has dropped down and is causing damage.  Storm sirens in Mulvane are activated.  The Tornado is approximately one mile southwest of town moving east.  The Tornado goes up into the clouds as it reaches the Arkansas River and skips over the southeast corner of town.

View from the North.
FF John Andrews took these photos looking south out of the fire station bay door.


These photos were taken as the Tornado hits the Landis house & dissipates.

At 1926 hrs the tornado re-appeared about 1 mile south of the fire station.  Golf Ball size hail was also report at the station.  E-403 & P-409 both relocate their positions to stay out of the storms path.

Photos from Lucky 7, Melcher residence & a barn is destroyed.

At 1936 hrs E-403 reports heavy storm damage at Lucky Seven Saddle Club.  Wind damage was estimated at F-2.

Lambrecht's residence.

E-402 responded to reports of damage across K-15 highway at the Larry Lambrecht residence.  The residence, two outbuildings and the family horse was lost.

The storm off in the distance at the Landis residence.

P-405 & P-409 responded to 1380 E. 140th Street.  The Landis home was completely gone, level with the floor.  The occupants were safe in the basement.  One horse had to be put to sleep due to its injuries.

Lt. Mike Fells cuts a barb wire fence to clear the road.  FF Fred Heersche talks with Belle Plaine EMS crews at the Landis residence.

Wind Damage was rated at an F-3 here at the Landis Residence, the strongest recorded in the area.

Photo's from the Landis residence.


Photo's from the Emergency Operations Center set up at M.E.S. building.


View time sheet of events.


Tornado Events for Mulvane

June 12, 1881 An F2 Tornado moved NW of Mulvane to 3 miles NE of Douglas destroying two homes 1 mile north of Mulvane and injuring 2 people.

March 31, 1892 Several tornadoes up to F4 moved NNE near South Haven and dissipating in extreme SE Sedgwick County resulted in 7 deaths and 40 injuries.

November 10, 1915 An F4 tornado cut a 16 mile path from five miles SW of Zyba, passing within four miles south of Peck and dissipating near the edge of Derby. Eight homes were destroyed and three people were killed at Zyba. At least two homes were destroyed and one person was killed at Derby. In addition to four deaths, there were 28 injuries caused by the tornado.

June 20, 1942 A strong tornado moved in a semi-circular path around the city of Mulvane killing four members of the Rivers Family.  More Information here!

May 25th, 1955 - 10:30 p.m. a tornado struck the Town of Udall, about 10 miles south of Mulvane.

November 27, 1960 An F2 tornado touched down three miles NE of Mulvane and proceeded to within one mile south of Augusta causing destruction to barns and shifting one home. Two injuries were reported from an overturned car.

June 12th, 2004 - An F-3 tornado touched down one mile east and one mile south of Mulvane and proceeded to the Mulvane Sewer Plant before lifting and touching down within a 1/2 mile of the south city limits.  Several homes and barns were destroyed, one horse was killed and some very minor injuries to motorists as it crossed K-15 highway.  Damage was estimated at $575,000.

September 15th, 2010 - A brief F-0 tornado touched down over farm ground about 1250 N. Greenwich Road.  Weather Service Report.



Thanks & Credits:
Weather Radar images from
Pic's from John Andrews, Lowell Ester, & Jason Mundell
Pic's from Garry Brownlee & John Tracy

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