Mulvane Emergency Services

 1905                 2015

110 Years of Volunteer Fire Service

ISO Class 3 / 5

Mulvane, Kansas

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E.M.S. Personnel

January 2015

(L-R) Back Row: Dave Williams, Jesse Fuller, Dustyn Morgan, Heron Juarez, Jennifer Love, Frankie Harp, Kay Humphrey, Mike Sanchez.
Front Row:Gary Gayer, Angela Gatschet, Judi Patterson, Veronica Tripp, Jessica Whitehead, Kerry Hull, Jenn Borry, Kevin Stoll, Shawn Lamm, Kim Benson.

Director Public Safety. David Williams, Captain Judi Patterson & Lt. Shawn Lamm.

June 2007

EMS Captain  Judi Patterson

EMS Lieutenant  Chad Maugans

EMS Staff

(L-R Back) Capt. Judi Patterson FF-1/EMT, Mike Mitchell MICT, Nick Woods FF-1/EMT, Mike Fells FF-2/FR, Capt. Lowell Ester FF-2/EMT, Fred Heersche FF-2/FR, Joe McDaniel FF-2/EMT
(Front Row) Kim Landers EMT, Ashley Kichler EMT, Lt. Chad Maugans MICT, Terri Griffin MICT, Bobby Kimble FF-2/EMT, Kyle Boyd FF-2/EMT


EMT GaraLee Haskins, Captain Judi Patterson, MICT Chris Shaft in 2008.

MICT Jeff Johnson, EMT Dan Clark & Lt. Jason Mundell

Old Staff Photos!


 EMS Staff June 2005

(L-R Back) Chief Dave Williams, Jimmy Reed EMT, Mike Fells FF-2/FR, Duane McDaniel FF-2/EMT, Capt. Lowell Ester FF-2/EMT, Joe McDaniel FF-2/EMT, John Ashlock EMT,  Jason Mundell FF-2/EMT-I, Mike Mitchell MICT.
(Middle Row) Luke Rivera FF-2/EMT, Mike Pankratz MICT, Judi Patterson FF-1/EMT.

(Front Row) Kim Landers EMT, Chris Megonigle FF-2/MICT, Bobby Kimble FF-2/EMT, Kenna Campbell EMT, Samie Byers MICT, Aaron Mattson FF-2/EMT, Lt. Paul Christner MICT.


EMS Staff December 2004

(Back L-R) Jed Rea FF-2/EMT, Steve Kohr FF-2/EMT, John Ashlock EMT, Mike Fells FF-2/FR, Chris Megonigle FF-2/MICT.
(Middle Row) Judi Patterson EMT, Paula Rhodes MICT, Keena Campbell EMT, Roxan Temaat MICT, Bobby Kimble FF-2/EMT.
(Front Row)  Mitch Helfferich MICT, Samie Byers MICT.


EMS Staff September 2002

(Back L-R) Ross Peck, Steve Kohr FF-2/EMT, Troy Mead MICT, John Ashlock EMT, Lowell Ester FF/EMT, Duane Brill FF-1/EMT, Duane McDaniel FF/EMT
(Front Row) Judi Patterson EMT, Bobby Kimble FF-1/EMT, Paula Rhodes MICT, Roxan Temaat MICT, Kim Landers EMT/T.O., Chad Maugans MICT


MFR Staff December 1994.

Back L-R  Brad Wicker, Ray Patterson, Tom Stoll, Pete Welch, Jay Kelly, Aaron Matson, Harold Parkey, Allen Ralstin, Randy Rhodes, John Andrews
2nd row L-R  Marilyn Stratford, Lane Pearman, Chris Fleming, Amydell Burns, Dianne Fleming, Paula Rhodes, Beth Milligan, Casey Stegner, Mike Wharton Sr.
3rd row L-R  Sandy Welch, Lisa Lashbrook, Nicol Bulla, Judi Patterson, Duane Brill, Troy Mead, Rob Robinson, Duane Burns
Front row L-R  Anita Flowers, Jeanne Keim, Alex Cole, Jason Mundell


EMS Staff April 1989. 

Back L-R  Ray Patterson, Roger Bell, Roger Salmans, Jerry Wieser, Cindy Anderson, Duane McDaniel, Smiley Megongile
2nd row L-R  Maurie Welch, Dot Mahan, Ellen Wieser, Raynonda Hendren, Vernon Stoll
3rd row L-R  Valerie Megonigle, Amydell Burns, Sandy Welch, Sarah Phillips, Nancy Morris, Paul Terrel
Front row L-R  Judi Patterson, Bob Welch


EMT Veron Stoll, July 1985, in Orange Smock


EMS Captain Judi Patterson & Lt. Chad Maugans, June 2007





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