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Main Street Fire

The Rescue of Baby Jessy

Mutual Aid to Sumner County FD #9



Sunday morning house fire on November 16th, 2008.  Fire & EMS assisted with this structure fire in Belle Plaine.





Vehicle Fire.  August 24th, 2005 at 8:45 am we received a report of a vehicle on fire at K-15 & K-53 interchange.  This is virtually at the end of the driveway to the fire station.  We found a Ford Ranger with a fully involved engine compartment.



Mulvane Firefighters quickly extinguish this house fire.  Fire was contained to the exterior, garage and the attic.


Fire apparently started from used charcoal briquettes that were placed in the trash dumpster after being allowed to cool for two days.  Neighbors reported the fire around 6:30 pm and notified the homeowners still in the structure.  Homeowners were unaware of the fire and interior of the home was not damaged.


First structure fire for the New Year hits on January 11th, 2005.


Firefighters from Mulvane and Udall work on opening up the structure to get at the fire.


FF Rick Brown checks for extension in the hallway.  FF Fred Heersche examines junction box where the fire is believed to have started, this is also where a firefighter fell through the floor.

The owner came home to check on a roast that was in the oven and found the house full of smoke.  One firefighter fell through the floor of the structure and was caught by some plumbing.  His partner was able to pull him to safety and no one was injured.  This structure was in our rural response area with no hydrants and sustained heavy damage. Pictures by FF John Andrews.


10-48 involving car vs. combine, Mutual Aid to Sumner County Dist. #9, July 4th 2000.  Extrication time 1 hour, temperature 99 degrees, heat index 117 degrees.  Firefighters use Jaws of Life & Airbags to free 300+ lb victim (under orange sheet).  Winch on Rescue 407 was used to remove vehicle from under the Combine.


Vehicle 355 & Firefighter/EMT Summer Guerrero at a Train Derailment, 2002


January 1999 Main Street fire, follow the link for more pictures.  Can you see the dragon in this picture? 

Tail is in the upper left, head with eyes & mouth in upper right.


Train Derailment and fire in August 28, 2001.  This was about one mile north of the Mulvane City Limits in Sedgwick County.  M.E.S responded as Mutual Aid to this call with both Fire Department and E.M.S.  No one was injured but several homes were evacuated because of Hazardous Materials on-board many of the burning rail cars. The first two pictures were taken about 6 am, 6 hours into the call, which came in shortly before midnight.  The aerial photo was taken by Associated Press.

August 30, 2001 A BNSF train derailment occurred near the intersection of Greenwich & 103rd Street South in Sedgwick County. Several railcars were on fire with the following chemicals: carbon dioxide (2 cylinders of 12 kilograms each), nitrogen (one cylinder of 0.75 kilogram), perfume products (1,358 pounds), white asbestos (44,782 pounds plus 1,020 pounds of intermodal), plastics & FAK, and sodium hydroxide. Evacuation was at one-mile from site with two reported injuries.




Mulvane E-408 pumps from two dump tanks at this Mutual Aid structure fire of Sumner County District #9.  This was a mobile home that had been enclosed with a false front and roof.  The main body of fire was between the two roofs causing a real problem for firefighters.  Five tenders from Mulvane, Belle Plaine & Udall were used at this fire on Feb. 27, 2001.



Mulvane has two major BNSF railroad lines which cross and connect.  From these two lines, five separate sets of tracks surround Mulvane.  This is a continuing source of fire calls for M.E.S.  In the left picture Pickup 405 attacks a grass fire.  In the right picture Tank 406 cools off hot spots on an elevated rail line.  This elevated line is the main route from Chicago to L.A. with 6 high speed trains an hour.  It is estimated that over 180 trains per day pass through Mulvane.




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Main Street Fire



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