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 Hardee's Fire

2002 Train Derailment

April 2003 Disaster Drill

Old Settlers 2002

Old Settlers 2003

Old Settlers 2005

Old Settlers 2008

Structure Fire September 2003

Open House 2003

April 2004 School Bus MCI Drill

Jackpot Barrel Racing 2004

Jackpot Barrel Racing 2005

Structure Fire April 2006

Open House 2006



MVA injures 3 people, 11-05


Mulvane Emergency Services units assist Sedgwick County Units.

FF/MICT Chris Megonigle talks with MES Duty Officer, Lt. Bobby Kimble.


It's here!  Hot off the press.  What makes this book so special?  Mulvane Emergency Services has pictures in it of our Department in action!  Taken and submitted by M.E.S.'s own department photographer Garry Brownlee.  One picture is a full page photo of the Hardee's Fire on the Kansas Turnpike.  A portion of all of the proceeds will go to the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.



FF Fred Heersche, 3/7/03

Barn Fire pictures from 3/7/03.

The Barn was fully involved upon the arrival of first due units.  Mutual Aid tankers were called from three surrounding departments to help protect exposures.


MVA on Kansas Turnpike Feb. 2003.  Semi-Truck tried to maneuver an off-ramp to fast and overturned.  Truck was hauling dry goods for Dillion's grocery stores.


Working a pasture fire Jan. 2003.



                         Hose testing.                   NH3 leak at the Coop.                 

Trainees (L-R) James Mills, William Harrington, Rocky Jones, & Andrea Pierson. 

August 2002 New Member Class


Injury Accident at K-15 and Rock Road 1-24-02, 1906 hrs.


Uncontrolled Burn 12-28-01, 1230 hrs.



Structure Fire 12-28-01, 2000 hrs



     Lt.  B. Kimble              F/F Andrea Pierson


Sparky hands out treats to Trick or Treaters on Halloween 2001!



M.E.S. Photographer Garry Brownlee

Garry Brownlee is the Department Photographer and is a member of the Resource Team.  Many of the pictures on this web site of current events were taken by him.  Pictures used by permission only.   See more of his work here on flickr.

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Listen live to Mulvane Fire & EMS

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