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2008 M.E.S. News!

2007 News Archives Page!

2009 News Archives Page!

Thanks to Sher Chadd-Kimble for her work on this.  (takes a couple three minute to load)

The Year 2008 in Review!

 M.E.S volunteered over 6,011 hours to the community, saving over $106,154 tax dollars!

EMS ran 743 Calls or 2 ambulance calls per Day! Up 36 calls from last year!

 Mulvane Fire Department Ran 389 Fire Alarms or 1 fire call per day!

Mulvane Fire becomes 100% compliant with the International Seatbelt Pledge!

Mulvane Fire received a $5,000 grant from the Forestry Service for a wildland nozzle!

Mulvane EMS assist’s Belle Plaine by taking over their EMS response area.

Mulvane Fire Rescue receives Assistance to Firefighters Grant, $39,100.

Mulvane Fire is awarded the 2007 Life Safety Achievement for no loss of life.

Mulvane Fire puts new Tender 408 in service~!

Mulvane EMS receives new Zoll 12 lead monitors.

Mulvane Fire lowers it Rural ISO rating from a 9 to a 5!!!

Mulvane EMS receives 100% on it’s Board of EMS inspection!

Mulvane Fire Rescue welcomes 6 new members into its ranks in 2006.

Congratulations to; Josh Phillips, Adrienne Hillman, Chris Nolan, Jason Bowker, Trent Julius & Gary Kunc.

Mulvane EMS welcomes 5 new members.

Congratulations to; MICT Chris Shaft, MICT Jeff Johnson, EMT-I Peter Mick, EMT Josh Bowker & EMT Shane Goldwater.

Mulvane Fire Reserves welcomes 4 new members!

Congratulations to; Landon Hein, Josh Snow, Jed Heersche, & Amanda Kimble. 



(December 2008)

Pre-Christmas Ice Storm causes multiple MVA's


This person was pinned in his van for close to 30 minutes due to the icy roads.  The van was carrying food which all slid forward helping to entrap the person.
Another accident on the KTA ejected two persons, killing one.


House Fire


This fire came in around 11:30 pm.


PD Officers arrived and knocked down the fire with a ABC extinguisher before fire units arrived.
It is believed that a cigarette discarded into a box on the front porch started the fire.

Temperature was 10 degrees, north winds at 15 mph.


Mulvane COOP dryer fire


 Mulvane Fire deals with several Grain Dryer fires each year at the local COOP.  Wet sorghum gets caked up inside the sieves and catches fire.



Mulvane American Legion riders hold a Toy Run for Mulvane's annual Toy's for Kids program. 
Mulvane Police co-sponsored this event with Mulvane EMS.  Riders were provided a Chili feed at MES


Mulvane Fire Rescue receive 2008 Fire Act Grant!

MFR was awarded $37,134 for Firefighter Safety & Accountability.

With this Federal Grant MFR will purchase Survivair R.I.C. Kits with spare SCBA air to hook into a downed firefighter. A new Thermal Imager Camera for the R.I.C. team to use and the inter-TRAX accountability system.  The inter-TRAX system include two PDA barcode readers, laptop computer & MDT modem.  The inter-TRAX system is being adopted by the South-Central Kansas 19 county homeland security region.


Car fire on the Kansas Turnpike.


 Driver reported that the rear tire blew out & started the fire.


During firefighting efforts the front hood lift cylinders blew up, shooting pieces forward toward the fire engine.
The cylinder hit the rear compartment door on the Engine scratching the paint and then deflected to the door hinge & SCBA bottle door, landing in the ditch.


(November 2008)


Sunday morning house fire on November 16th, 2008.  Mulvane Fire & EMS assisted with this structure fire in Belle Plaine.

More Picture Here!


(October 2008)

For the seventh year in a row, Mulvane Fire Rescue has been awarded the
"2007 Life Safety Achievement"
 Only 745 departments in the US received this award for 2007.  The award recognizes the local fire prevention activities that resulted in reducing the loss of live in fires.  Mulvane recorded zero fire deaths in 2007.  This award is presented by the Residential Fire Safety Institute.
Residential fires in the US account for only 20% of all fires but they result in 80% of all fire deaths. Mulvane Fire Department will continue to be committed to the safety of their citizens.


MVA on I-35 leaves on in critical condition.


One patient was airlifted to a Wichita Trauma Center after rolling his car several time.
Crews had difficulty extricating the patient due to the massive damage done to the vehicle.


Sumner County Fire District #12 receives new ISO Class 5 rating!

Click here to review the results of the 2008 ISO Hauled Water Drill.

The results from the June re-evaluation are in, we are now an ISO Class 3/5!
Most residence of Sumner County Fire District #12 should start seeing a reduction in Insurance Premiums starting December 1st, 2008.

Mulvane's ISO Class 3 is in the top 4% of all communities in Kansas and the Nation.

The rural ISO Class 5 is in the top 19% of Kansas communities, top 40% Nationally (this includes urban departments).

ISO does not separate rural and urban communities in it's ratings.

Please notify your Insurance Carrier of this ISO Class reduction.


P-405 upgrades!


P-405 receives a new TFT Tornado Wildland Monitor Nozzle and new Hale pump in October 2008.
This upgrade was done by Emergency Fire Equipment in Mayfield, KS.
A Cost-Share Assistance grant was received from the Kansas Forestry for $2,500 to help pay 50% of the monitor


Truck vs. Train


Only minor injuries, occupants refused transport.


KAKE TV Hatteberg's People - Garry Brownlee

Click here to see the interview with Garry!


Structure Fire

Listen to the actual radio traffic!


  House Fire at 207 Miller.

See Garry's pictures here.


Mulvane Fire Rescue Open House


More pictures here!




Hydrant training


(September 2008)


Waterous Pump Training



Lt. Fells & Lt. Kimble assist S/G County #36


Pasture & hale baler fire.


Regional Tender Training in Derby.


Capt. Ester, FF Hicks & FF PJ Wright attended this exercise.

Click here for more pictures.


Misc. Calls


MVA K-15 & Webb


MVA K-53 & Railroad underpass, new John Deere seed drill, damage est. $120,000.


Overheated bearing in John Deere bailer.


MVA on Rock Road with city utility truck.


Mutual Aid SUFD #9, van fire.

Capt. Ester checks the Arkansas river depth for NWS, due to recent flooding rains.

Click here to see readings.


Getting to know - Laken Campbell


Mulvane EMS welcomes 4 new members!

Mulvane welcomes EMT Josh Bowker, EMT Shane Goldwater & EMT-I Peter Mick.
MICTs Jeff Johnson.


Two vehicle MVA on US-81


M.E.S. & Sumner County Fire District #9 work a MVA at 1150 North US-81.
One female patient was transported by Mulvane EMS to Wichita Trauma center. 


Mulvane EMS assisting the City of Belle Plaine.

Do to staffing & financial issues, Belle Plaine EMS has been shut down by the Belle Plaine City Council.
Belle Plaine is now providing limited first response in it's EMS district when staffing permits.  Mulvane EMS & Conway Springs EMS have agreed to respond to Belle Plaine if they are advailable.
Belle Plaine is hoping to have it's EMS re-organized by the first of the year.

Official Notice


Mulvane EMS receives 100% from State Board of EMS

Mulvane Ambulance Service received a perfect inspection report from the State of Kansas this month.
Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!


Mulvane Emergency Services becomes only one of nine departments in Kansas to become 100% compliant with the International Seatbelt Pledge.

Special Thanks to Lt. Jason Mundell for his work making this happen. 

Thanks to all the Department Members for continuing to be safe!~


MVA Rollover on I-35


The singe occupant was ejected from this vehicle and is in extremely critical condition.*


Boot Drive for MDA



Mulvane Firefighters raised over $2,250 for MDA on Saturday & Sunday before Labor Day.



(August 2008)

Structure Fire


More pic's here!


Boat & Water Rescue Training with Derby Fire Department.


See more pic's on Garry's new page!


Old Settlers Parade



See more pic's on Garry's new page!


National Night Out


EMT John Ashlock, MICT Tony Lamb, FF Jon Hicks, FF Mike Wolsey, Reserves Landon Hein & Reserve Jacob Reed party with the neighbors.


Fire & EMS units visited Countrywide Ct. & Wells Ct. for National Night Out.
Water fights & food was plentiful.


(July 2008)

Relay pump practice



House Fire


An unattended candle was believed to be the cause of this room & content fire. 
Fire was contained to the coffee table, smoke damage was extensive.


FF Aaron Mattson checks for hot spots with a Thermal Imager Camera.


Morning accident involving a house & a Cadillac.

Beyond the Tea Garden" and right into the house!

This is the seventh car vs. building since May 2006.


(June 2008)

ISO Hauled Water Drill

Photos from the ISO evaluations on 6-6-08.  This page will be updated at a later date when final classification is received from the ISO.


MVA  6-26-08  95th & Rock Road


More pictures on Garry's page.



MES Photographer Garry Brownlee shot these photos on 6-12-08 of this rotating thunderstorm.


More Severe Thunderstorm damage


Lightening strike to a street light pole, blowing up the street light & power distribution box.
At least two neighboring homes suffered electrical damage inside the residences. 



Kansas Police & Fire Games


Featured is Boeing Firefighter Summer Guerrero (ex-Mulvane Firefighter)
Women's Focus Magazine June 2008 (page 25 & 26)


Severe Thunderstorm damage



Water Shuttle Training


FF Jimmy Reed & Lt. Kimble observe and time hydrant fills.

See more pictures here!



EMS LZ Training with Lifeteam Air Ambulance.


(May 2008)

MVA on KTA (I-35)



Bedroom Fire


This fire was quickly contained to a child's bedroom.

2008 rookie class now owes Ice Cream.
Probie Josh Phillips, Probie Adrienne Hillman & Probie Trent Julius.


Firefighter 1 Class for 2008

(L-R Back to Front) Adrienne Hillman, Grant Greenwood (Valley Center)

 Jon Hicks, Chris Nolan, Instructor Mike Fells


May 26th Flooding


9 inches of rain fell from Friday May 23rd till Tuesday 27th.


Representative Kansas House District #81, Ted Powers Funeral


Photos were taken as the Funeral Procession passes the Fire & EMS Station.
Patriot Guard riders lead the family.
Lt. Fred Heersche & FF PJ Wright on E-401.


Sedgwick County Fire Chief's Regional Training, Viola, KS


More Pictures here!


(April 2008)

K.U.F.S.T Skills Trailer


Forcible entry & vertical ventilation skills are practiced.


Mulvane Firefighters & Lt. Fells Firefighter 1 class both participated.


Report of an unknown fire.


What do you think it was?  Flammable liquids were involved.


Afternoon MVA on Turnpike.

Van rear ends semi hauling hazardous materials at highway speed.
Little damage was done to the semi, unknown why driver did not see the semi in front of her.

Fire Damage limited in cooking fire.

This grease fire was out on arrival, crews ventilated the home.

FF Josh Phillips, Lt. Jason Mundell & Capt. Lowell Ester pose for photo's.

Photo's by Trevor!


Water shuttle training.

Crews have five minutes to have 250 GPM of water flowing.
The water must flow non-stop for 2 hours to meet ISO rules.
Cowley County FD #4 assisted with this drill.


Light ballast overheats at local business.

The red on the thermal imager is indicating around 300 degrees.
Capt. Patterson & EMS crews stand ready outside.


Main Street Mulvane, "taxpayer" buildings, built in late 1890's.


Fire destroys mobile home.


An unattended cooking fire was to blame for this mobile home fire.

Click here for more pictures!


(March 2008)

Wheat Train Derailment, K-15 & 103rd St.


This derailment was within 1/4 mile of December's train collision.


Overturned Semi on the Kansas Turnpike.


Semi tractor-trailer hauling red-iron hit the barrier wall and overturned blocking all lanes of traffic on the Turnpike late Sunday night.  Traffic was backed up well over a mile for about one hour until KTA could get a loader on scene to clear the roadway.  Driver was transported with potentially serious injuries.


Most of the 2008 new member class.

(L-R) Josh Phillips, Adrienne Hillman, Chris Nolan, Jeff Bowker, Lt. Bobby Kimble, Trent Julius.
Absent Jason Bowker & Gary Kunc.




For more new member class training photos, go to Garry's Photos Page 6.



(February 2008)

M.E.S. adds two new MICT's to the staff.

EMS welcomes one new member, MICT Chris Shaft.

Congratulations to FF Scott Standlee on receiving his MICT certification!


EMS replaces Monitors with new Zoll units.


Mulvane City Council approved the replacement of our two old troublesome Welch Allen PIC monitors with two new Zoll E series monitors.

The new monitors are expected to be in service the first of March.  Zoll also included a new AED Plus for the fire department first responders.




Two car MVA on Super Bowl Sunday.
One Patient was transport with minor injuries.

FF Aaron Matson & Lt. Fred Heersche cleaning up an anti-freeze spill.


(January 2008)


This garage fire appeared to be the result of a faulty wood burning stove.

Click here for more pictures, Calls Page Four.



A Mini-Cooper crashes on the Turnpike and rolls down a steep embankment.  Lady walked away with a cut to her finger.*


Early morning Jan 1st. car wrecks sends one California man to local trauma center in serious condition.



New Member class now forming! 

New member classes start January 14th, 2008.
If you are interested in becoming a Fireman for Mulvane please e-mail Captain Ester to get an application packet before enrolling on-line.

*NOTE*  This years class already has 7 applicants.  Get your apps in quickly for next year.


Firehouse Apparatus Showcase   Mulvane Tender 408


Read about the formation of Mulvane Fire Company in 1905.

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* Thanks to Lieutenant Fred Heersche for his photos!

* Photo's by Mike Swope.

* Photo's by Lonnie Whisler.



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