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110 Years of Volunteer Fire Service

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Mulvane, Kansas

Current Weather Conditions at the Mulvane Emergency Services

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M.E.S. News!

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(May 2015)

Overturned Cattle Truck leaves 4 cows dead, 29 on the loose.

I-35, MM 28 Southbound on the KTA


(April 2015)

MVA on K-15 Highway

One minor injury.


2015 Firefighter 2 class.

Mulvane Firefighters Trent Julius, Megan DeVries, Nick Ryan, lt. Kyle Gasaway, Chris Nolan, Amy Hoobler & Darrell Dutcher.

(March 2015)

New Members in training!  2015 Probie class!

(L-R) Lt. Gasaway, Darlene Killinger, Laken Meyer, Terry Lane, Kaleb Price & Lt. Mundell


Training photos at the Don Denny house!



Early morning house fire.



(February 2015)


Remember those who do not take a day off!


Photos here!

Remember to keep your Chimney Pipe's cleaned out!


Mulvane Fire Rescue is hosting a KUFST Firefighter 2 class this April & May

Sign up here!


(January 2015)

New History Page on the 1942 Rivers Property Tornado, 4 fatalities.


EMS Crew Photos!



Midland Valley Railroad bridge over the Cowskin Creek.


Railroad was abandoned 50 years ago, but the bridge still stood.  Mulvane Fire Rescue Mutual Aided Sumner County Fire District on this alarm.  20 firefighters and 9 fire units assisted with this blaze.  The Bridge was let burn while fire units extinguished brush fires.  The bridge was completely inaccessible except on foot on the south, and very limited access on the north side due to heavy timber.

This railroad operated here from 1911 till 1968.  It connected Wichita to Fort Smith.

Midland Valley Railroad 


Mulvane Volunteer Fire Department  1950 vs. 2015


Current Department photos here!


Severe Weather Safety Program, Saturday March 7th @ 10 am!  MES Station #1.


The Year 2014 in Review! 

Mulvane Fire Rescue celebrated its 109th year of providing service to the City of Mulvane and surrounding community!

   Mulvane Fire Rescue ran 362 Fire Alarms or 1 fire call per day!

Mulvane EMS ran 1003 calls or 2.75 calls per day!

Mulvane EMS puts a second full time Paramedic truck in service 24/7.

Mulvane Fire Rescue receives a new 2015 Tahoe Duty Officer Vehicle Dec. 1st!

Mulvane Fire Rescue raises $5,500 for MDA in boot drive!

Mulvane Fire Rescue received a $2,500 grant from the Forestry Service for a foam system on B-407!

Fire Prevention crews visited approximately 600 children in 4 preschools and grades Pre-K thru 2 this year.

Brush 407 was placed in service October 1st!

Firefighters mourned the loss of FF1/EMT Jimmy Reed in September.

9 members attend KU FF-1 class taught by Lt. Mike Fells.

10 members attend KU Haz-Mat Operations class taught by Lt. Mike Fells.

Fire & EMS substation #2 opened at the Kansas Star Casino.

Mulvane Fire Rescue hosts the KU Grain Engulfment Training trailer.

Mulvane Fire Rescue with FD #12 starts a rural address marking program.

FF2/EMT Fred Heersche is hired as full time Fire Lieutenant.

Mulvane Fire Rescue welcomes 6 new members into its ranks.

Congratulations to: FF/EMT Megan DeVries, FF Doug Wilson, FF Jaman Rogers, FF/EMT Skyler Reynolds & FF Kathy Rogers.  FF AJ Mattson was promoted up from the Fire Reserves.

Mulvane Fire Reserves welcomes 3 new members!

Congratulations to: Nick Parton, Henry May & Preston Tatum.

Mulvane EMS welcomes 11 new Paramedics: 

Congratulations to: Kay Humpries, Amber Blankenship, Angela Gatschet, Ashley Zorn, Francine Harp, Gary Gayer, Jennifer Lover, Mike Sanchez, Patrick Sellers, Dustin Morgan & Jesse Fuller.

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Listen live to Mulvane Fire & EMS

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